For nearly two decades I have been helping men across all walks of life and from all over the world acquire the mindset and the skills needed to become masters of the Art of Dating and achieve their desired goals when it comes to women.

The Genesis of Mastery

Wem began his mastery of social dynamics at the age of 15 when he met now long time friend, former business associates and wingman, Erik Von Markovik, known throughout the world as Mystery, the World’s Greatest Pick Up Artist. The two worked side by side along with other dating masters for over a decade together teaching seminars all over the world with lifestyle and legendary stories to match. Wem, known then as "Colgate" was the youngest person ever to be awarded the Master Pickup Badge by Mystery, a merit that showcases world-class skill and proficiency in all the levels of social artistry.

The Arcane Apprenticeship

Wem has received a degree from Rutgers University in Biology, Psychology and Critical Sexual Studies in addition to having conducted social facilitation research for the Psychology Department at Rutgers for 3 years. This research helped him solidify concepts and theories that has allowed him to research and analyze how to develop better social skills to improve communication, lifestyle and ability to find long-term relationships.

The Mosaic of Moments

He has acquired a massive amount of knowledge in a well rounded range of areas and topics and can go as deep as you would like with virtually all topics with regards to social interactions, dating and relationships. With a focus on granular signal understanding, confidence building, leadership, identity, conversation skills, reconnecting with fun, being legitimately cool, Wem focuses on his clients individual personality types, drive, and ambition and quickly recognizes the key underlying factors that can lead to an imbalance between personal, dating and social happiness and abundance. While the focus of his coaching is on making his clients empirically better, the lessons learned translate very easily into their personal and professional lives. Wem prides himself on his track record and dedication to making sure all of his students reach a level that is truly far beyond their expectation in a clear, logical, unbiased, and sustainable approach with a granular system and practical execution for success.