Live Experiences

We offer three levels of live experiences that are tailored to your needs and the scope, timeline and budget of your dating arts development.


Legends Immersion

Our most comprehensive, holistic and life changing development.

This exclusive event is only reserved to a small group of pre-screened applicants. Imagine being able to download everything Wem has learned in almost 20 years directly into your brain.

  • → Get access to the most powerful "crown jewels" of social dynamics
  • → Learn how to architect your life to attract the most ideal high caliber mates
  • → Immerse yourself with the highest level of lessons
  • → Disrupt your reality, adopt new paradigms for relationships and life.
  • → Get lifetime virtual access to Wem as you progress.


Mastery 1-on-1 Bootcamp

Our bespoke, personalized and customizable development service.

Imagine one on one time with a seasoned veteran with nearly two decades of experience and absorbing time-tested insights at supersonic speed. With a 1 on 1, there's no need to imagine it, because Wem will mentor you with personalized instruction for 3 Days and 2 Nights. Absorb insights directly from Wem, privately on demand

  • → 1 on 1, personalized, bespoke instruction that will fit your personality
  • → Learn from the most intimate learning experience
  • → Cut your learning time in half
  • → Get lifetime virtual access to Wem

That doesn't mean this will be easy, you'll still be required to shed some blood, sweat, and tears to earn your rank.

The biggest difference is that the personalized, bespoke instruction you will receive will make your journey a lot less bumpy.

Expect 3 days of world class instruction that you are bound to never forget.


Results Bootcamp

Our foundational, expedited and elevated development service.

Without a solid, deeply entrenched foundation, it is unwise to build a skyscraper.

That's even more accurate when it comes to your social interactions and dating life.

Without the proper mindset or a grasp on the fundamentals, not only are you going to be paddling in the wrong direction, all of your lost relationships can never be recovered. If you've never taken a program with Wem, our Results bootcamp is the perfect place to start.

  • → Perfect for new students at The Dating Arts
  • → Get In depth coverage of the fundamentals
  • → Get critical insights that will improve your social interactions right now
  • → Get personalized coaching, feedback and support from Wem in real time
  • → Get lifetime virtual access to Wem as you progress

Over 3 days we will systematically rewire your brain with all the critical variables that are influencing your social interactions right now.

In addition to real time feedback of your social interactions, you will go home with the clarity to build lasting momentum in your dating life.